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UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility
University of California, Davis 
One Shields Avenue 
Davis, CA 95616


The UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility does not distribute antibodies.

The NeuroMab collection (both mAbs and the hybridoma cells that produce them) is available from the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB) at the University of Iowa. NeuroMab hybridomas are also available from the UC Davis MMRRC.  

Recombinant mAbs derived from the NeuroMab collection are available from Addgene as plasmids and as ready-to-use antibodies as funded by BRAIN Initiative award NIH U24 NS119916.

The sequences of the heavy and light chain variable domains of most NeuroMabs are now available on the NeuroMabSeq website here.  These sequences were obtained by high-throughput sequencing of hybridoma-derived RNA as funded by BRAIN Initiative award NIH U24 NS109113.

Monoclonal antibodies generated at the UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility are also available from numerous commercial sources at many different price points. Please search the internet for distributors providing specific monoclonal antibodies using the term "antibody" and the clone number (e.g., "antibody K28/43").  


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