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Publications Citing the UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility (6240 total as of February 4, 2023)

Please cite the "UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility" as the source of NeuroMabs. Also, please include the complete clone number (e.g., N52A/42) and the Antibody Registry identification number (e.g., RRID:AB_2120479) to avoid ambiguity.

Are we missing one of your peer-reviewed publications that shows data obtained with a NeuroMab?  If you review the list below and see that one of your publications in which you have cited the use of a NeuroMab is missing, then please let us know by emailing us a) the full citation with PMID # and b) the specific NeuroMab clone(s) used.

Use "Search Publications" box above to search for publications by NeuroMab or by target name (note that the publication database is not up to date).

Google Scholar results for searches using the term "NeuroMab"

2006:   17 publications
2007:   30 publications
2008:   97 publications
2009: 143 publications
2010: 261 publications
2011: 281 publications
2012: 386 publications
2013: 453 publications
2014: 455 publications
2015: 503 publications
2016: 489 publications
2017: 575 publications
2018: 454 publications
2019: 540 publications
2020: 514 publications
2021: 498 publications
2022: 440 publications
2023:  50 publications

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