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Welcome to NeuroMab!
  • A national monoclonal antibody-generating resource funded by NIH/NINDS
  • Generates novel monoclonal antibodies (NeuroMabs) for neuroscience and other fields of basic biomedical research
  • NeuroMabs are validated for biochemical and immunohistochemical applications in mammalian brain, including array tomography
  • See recent publication on NeuroMab validation: Gong et al., New Biotech 33:551, 2016. PubMed. See detailed sample preparation and labeling protocols used for NeuroMab validation. 
  • Provides low cost, high quality mouse monoclonal antibodies to the research community
  • See suggestion page for details on how to suggest a future NeuroMab project
  • See publications list for peer-reviewed papers showing data obtained with NeuroMabs, now over 2800 publications!
  • Subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications when new NeuroMabs are added to our catalog

Immunoblot against membranes from postnatal day 8 wild-type (wt) and ADAM22-knockout (ko) mice probed with N46/30 (left, ADAM22-cytoplasmic) and N57/2 (right, ADAM22-extracellular). Data courtesy of Dies Meijer (Erasmus University Medical Center). Immunofluorescence staining of cultured rat hippocampal neurons with K28/43 (green, PSD-95) and K57/1 (red, Kv4.2) Immunofluorescence staining of adult wild-type (WT, top) and Kv4.2 knockout (Kv4.2-/-, bottom) mouse hippocampus with K57/1 (red, Kv4.2) and Kv2.1 rabbit polyclonal (green) Immunoblot against brain membranes from adult rat (RBM) and adult wild-type (MBM-WT) and lethargic (MBM-lh/lh) mice probed with N10/7 (left, Cavbeta4) and K89/41 (right, Kv2.1). Lethargic mice courtesy of Jeffrey Noebels (Baylor College of Medicine). Immunoblot against membranes from adult rat brain (RBM) and hippocampi from adult wild-type (MHM-WT) and Chapsyn-110 knockout (MHM-Chapsyin-110 KO) mice probed with N18/30 (Chapsyn-110). Mouse samples courtesy of Richard Huganir (Johns Hopkins University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Immunofluorescence staining of hippocampal CA3 of adult wild-type (WT, left top) and Slo1 knockout (KO, left bottom) mice with L6/60 (red, Slo1) and Kv2.1 rabbit polyclonal (green). Immunoblot against brain membranes from adult rat (RBM) and adult WT and Slo1 KO mice probed with L6/60 (right, Slo1)

UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility Ordering Instructions

Please cite the "UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility" as the source of NeuroMabs. Also, please include the complete clone number (e.g., N52A/42) and the Antibody Registry identification number (e.g., RRID:AB_2120479) to avoid ambiguity.

Note that our catalog has the most up-to-date information on new NeuroMabs, including Production and QC status and newly released catalog #'s.

Place orders for NeuroMabs through our distributor Antibodies Incorporated

            Tel:(800) 824-8540 or (530) 758-4400          FAX: (530) 758-6307

Note that a signed MTA is no longer needed to obtain NeuroMabs.  A Research License Agreement will now be included in all shipments and a PDF version is available for download here.


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