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Welcome to NeuroMab!
  • A national monoclonal antibody-generating resource funded by NIH
  • Generates novel monoclonal antibodies (NeuroMabs) for neuroscience and other fields of basic biomedical research
  • NeuroMabs are validated for biochemical and immunohistochemical applications in mammalian brain
  • Provides low cost, high quality mouse monoclonal antibodies to the research community
  • See suggestion page for details on how to suggest a future NeuroMab project
  • See publications list for peer-reviewed papers showing data obtained with NeuroMabs, now over 1900 publications!
  • Subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications when new NeuroMabs are added to our catalog
  • The UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility is a cooperative venture among the University of California at Davis, the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the National Institute for Mental Health, the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research, the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research, the NIH Office of Rare Diseases Research, and Antibodies Incorporated.

    For recent review articles on issues of antibody quality in biomedical research that are directly relevant to our mission see Saper, 2005; Rhodes & Trimmer, 2006; Couchman, 2009; and Bordeaux et al., 2010.

    Optimize staining with NeuroMabs and other mouse monoclonal antibodies by employing appropriate subclass-specific secondary antibodies. See article here.


Immunoblot against membranes from postnatal day 8 wild-type (wt) and ADAM22-knockout (ko) mice probed with N46/30 (left, ADAM22-cytoplasmic) and N57/2 (right, ADAM22-extracellular). Data courtesy of Dies Meijer (Erasmus University Medical Center). Immunofluorescence staining of cultured rat hippocampal neurons with K28/43 (green, PSD-95) and K57/1 (red, Kv4.2) Immunofluorescence staining of adult wild-type (WT, top) and Kv4.2 knockout (Kv4.2-/-, bottom) mouse hippocampus with K57/1 (red, Kv4.2) and Kv2.1 rabbit polyclonal (green) Immunoblot against brain membranes from adult rat (RBM) and adult wild-type (MBM-WT) and lethargic (MBM-lh/lh) mice probed with N10/7 (left, Cavbeta4) and K89/41 (right, Kv2.1). Lethargic mice courtesy of Jeffrey Noebels (Baylor College of Medicine). Immunoblot against membranes from adult rat brain (RBM) and hippocampi from adult wild-type (MHM-WT) and Chapsyn-110 knockout (MHM-Chapsyin-110 KO) mice probed with N18/30 (Chapsyn-110). Mouse samples courtesy of Richard Huganir (Johns Hopkins University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Immunofluorescence staining of hippocampal CA3 of adult wild-type (WT, left top) and Slo1 knockout (KO, left bottom) mice with L6/60 (red, Slo1) and Kv2.1 rabbit polyclonal (green). Immunoblot against brain membranes from adult rat (RBM) and adult WT and Slo1 KO mice probed with L6/60 (right, Slo1)

UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility Ordering Instructions

Please cite the "UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility" as the source of NeuroMabs. Also, please include the complete clone number (e.g., N52A/42) and the Antibody Registry identification number (e.g., RRID:AB_2120479) to avoid ambiguity.

Note that our catalog has the most up-to-date information on new NeuroMabs, including Production and QC status and newly released catalog #'s.

Place orders for NeuroMabs through our distributor Antibodies Incorporated

            Tel:(800) 824-8540 or (530) 758-4400          FAX: (530) 758-6307

Note that a signed MTA is no longer needed to obtain NeuroMabs.  A Research License Agreement will now be included in all shipments and a PDF version is available for download here.


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