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News from the UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility

New NeuroMabs (454 total in catalog):

October 6, 2017.  Three new NeuroMabs have been added to the catalog (by Target and NeuroMab clone number): VSP/TPTE (N432/21 and N432/63) and ZIP3/Slc39a3 (N476/9).

September 18, 2017.  Two n
ew NeuroMabs have been added to the catalog (by Target and NeuroMab clone number): GABA-A receptor Gamma2L/S (N452/30 and N452/73).

Other news:

August 1, 2017.  Prices for TC Supernatant and Purified IgG preparations were increased to offset increased production costs and to support future NeuroMab projects. The non-profit price of $35 for 1.0 mL of TC Supernatant (when obtained in the standard 5.0 mL vial), or for ≈20 ug of pure IgG represents ≈35% of the average price of similar highly validated products from commercial sources.

May 25, 2017.  Trial sizes of TC Supernatant will no longer be available.  Their price savings to end users was determined to be nominal relative to the already low not-for-profit prices we charge for standard vials of TC supe.

November 25, 2016.  Thanks to attendees of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 2016 Annual Meeting for visiting our poster and for speaking with NeuroMab representatives about their antibody concerns.

November 11, 2016.  Attendees of the upcoming Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 2016 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA are welcome to visit our poster on the “Generation and Validation of Monoclonal Antibodies for Array Tomography” presented as Program # 559.12 the morning of Tue Nov 15 in poster location NNN17.  SfN attendees are also encouraged to visit the Zeiss microscopy exhibit to view examples of simultaneous multiplex immunofluorescence using NeuroMabs on rodent brain sections.  Lastly, SfN attendees can bring their antibody queries to Booth # 533 and speak with a NeuroMab or AI representative.  As a reminder, researchers publishing data generated with NeuroMabs should remain vigilant about including antibody details such as RRID and lot #’s in the Methods sections of their papers. We here at the Facility fully support the recent adoption of the STAR Methods and its Key Resources Table by Cell Press and believe that this improvement in research reporting will make great strides in encouraging open data, reagent sharing and reproducibility.

December 8, 2015.  A new section listing NeuroMabs validated for Array Tomography has been added. Validation was performed in part under the auspices of NIH award R01 NS092474 "Synaptomes of Mouse and Man", PI Stephen J. Smith.      

August 1, 2015.  We continue to work towards our mission of generating a library of novel and highly-validated NeuroMabs against neuronal proteins with funding from NIH High Impact Neuroscience Research Resource Grant R24 NS092991.

May 11, 2015.  A "Human Gene Name" column has been added to the catalog to facilitate NeuroMab searches for those who study human genetics.

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