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UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility Catalog Information

Note that there are many ongoing NeuroMab projects so please check back frequently for new NeuroMabs.

You can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications when new NeuroMabs are added to our collection.

If a current NeuroMab has any limitations in its utility for you (e.g., it does not work in a specific application that was not included in our validation, you require a NeuroMab for the same target but with a different IgG subclass for simultaneous multiplex labeling with subclass-specific secondary antibodies as shown here, etc.), then please contact usWe have alternate clones in reserve for many projects that could be made available for testing and/or distribution if there is sufficient interest in them.

“Validation in progress”: these NeuroMabs have not yet met our highest testing standards for some reason (e.g., we lack the reagents to complete the validation in-house).  However, we are making them available to end users with the aim of receiving feedback as to whether they would benefit research and should be put forward for large-scale production and IgG purification.  If you test a "Validation in progress" NeuroMab, then please let us know how it worked, one way or the other, and send us data.

Validation status columns (in progress, see data sheets for specific details and examples):

Note that all NeuroMabs have tested positive by ELISA versus the synthetic peptide or recombinant protein immunogen (and in the case of modification-specific NeuroMabs, to the modified and not unmodified synthetic peptide immunogen).

T: specific reaction to transfected cells expressing target (by immunofluorescence staining and/or immunoblot)

Br-IB: single immunoreactive band of expected molecular characteristics on brain immunoblots

Br-IHC: expected immunoperoxidase-diaminobenzidine/immunofluorescence staining pattern on brain sections

KO: knockout validated in mouse brain (by immunoblot and/or immunohistochemistry)

  = validation pass

= validation fail

ND = not determined

NA = not applicable (e.g., target not expressed in brain)

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