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Current UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility Projects (January 15, 2019)

List of targets for current NeuroMab projects (14 projects).

Project status and fusions already performed listed in parentheses (letters indicate follow up fusions).

For queries regarding the status of any of these projects, please email us.

Upon completion of a project, any resulting NeuroMabs will then be added to the NeuroMab catalog and made freely available to the neuroscience community at low cost.

NeuroMab (9 projects)
ANO9/TMEM16J (N443)
ANO10/TMEM16K (N475A)
Beta-2 adrenergic receptor (N430)
BIN1/Amphiphysin-II (N481)
KCNS3/Kv9.3 (N482)
SLC13A5/NaCT (N488)
SK1/KCNN1/KCa2.1 (N439)
TRPA1 (N433)

Array Tomography/Synaptome (5 projects [pending])
CB1 receptor (L112)
CCK (L110)

BrainDev (0 projects)

Epigenetics (0 projects)

Rare Disease (0 projects)

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